FIFA 18 for the Nintendo Switch, How Good Is It?

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Is the Nintendo Switch version of FIFA 18 inferior?

FIFA 18, in Europe one of the most important games of the year. This year there was one important thing different than in other years. We finally got another FIFA on a Nintendo console. But more importantly, it’s not too much inferior to the versions on the other consoles, like you would expect.

So is it the same?

At first, I’ll say that no, the Switch version is not the same as the one for XBox, PS4, and PC. It’s not hard to spot the differences. The other versions run on a more beautiful engine, they look way better. Animations also look a bit less beautiful and within the controls and options we sometimes still see leftovers from FIFA 17. The Switch version all in all looks more like the FIFA 17 on the other consoles. Check out this video for a comparison to XBox One:

So what’s so good about it?

But the Switch version of FIFA 18 has its own perks.  First of all the Switch version does play very nice. The controls are what you want them to be. You’re able to play a nice game of football. Not every single playing mode is available, for example, The Journey is not available. And the online features lack a little, with just Seasons and Cups. But most importantly for most players, Fifa Ultimate Team is available in full glory. Also, the amount of teams is incredible from Saudi Arabia to the third division of Germany.

The amount of content is nothing to complain about. The big thing with the Nintendo Switch is of course the handheld mode that the Switch is capable of doing. With that, you’re able to play FIFA 18 anywhere and everywhere. In the park, in the bus, at school or when sitting down to do your business. Also, you’re able to play this game with one Joy-Con, the controls will be simplified, but it’s a fun experience with a friend you can pick up anywhere.

FIFA 18 Nintendo Switch Handheld Mode

Some other minor complains

On the technical side, it feels like FIFA 18 isn’t really finished. With that, I don’t mean the lesser looks but within different scenes, for example, where the players enter the field the framerate drops really badly and the animations just aren’t as smooth. Maybe next year the Switch version will be exactly the same as the other ones. We’ll keep hoping!

In conclusion:

+  The full FIFA experience

+ A lot of content

+ An awesome game to play away from home

+ As close to the full FIFA versions as Nintendo has gotten

A little bit less of online modes

Little technical issues

All in all, it’s an awesome game for any football fan. If you have a Nintendo Switch you don’t have to hesitate to pick it up. It really is almost like the other versions and totally worth it.

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